1. Filling of Online registration form available on website. You will get a confirmation mail with Registration Number.
  2. A written entry test (Admission Assessment) from Year 1/KG 2 to Year 7/Grade 6; Admission to FS2 /KG 1 is based on verbal skills only. The accepted students list will be updated in the web site. Please keep in touch with the web site..
  3. Completion of enrollment process (admission form and attachments) by the parents of accepted students on the basis of test/interview.
  4. Payment of fees as per school policy.
  5. Admission will not be accepted if the Registration requirements are not completed on time . The Principal has the right to accept or reject any application in this regard.
  6. Registration is open for all Years / Grades. Admissions will be given subject to availability of seats.
  7. Interview and test schedule will be available on the website after the online registration process is completed. Please visit website for this purpose